Meth Testing & Meth Decontamination Services

Methamphetamine testing and decontamination services for property owners.

Testing for Methamphetamine residue and professional Methamphetamine decontamination services

Highly-trained and certified under NZQA.

We at RAMS Cleaning Services understand the importance of ensuring whether or not a property is up to proper health and safety standards especially before buying, renting, or selling a property. That’s why to take the pressure of off this process, we have recently started providing Property Methamphetamine Testing and Methamphetamine Decontamination Services.

Using either testing methods of Presumptive and Laboratory Testing, our employees are highly-trained and certified under NZQA to determine and test for Methamphetamine Residue on a property. Our employees are also able to accurately and quickly advise our clients on the most suitable type of screening for their property. Our employees carefully consider the sampling of both testing methods and both testing methods are treated by good scientific practice.